The Terry Firm has developed a client emergency response practice specially designed to help individuals, families, churches, local campaigns, and organizations manage their affairs through crisis situations; the kind that requires an immediate multi‐disciplinary approach with effective intervention in order to contain high risk threats, crises, and disasters and control the complex interrelated collateral consequences that may quickly develop (legal, investigative, regulatory, political, reputational, investor, lender, customer, insurance and market) and follow in their wake.

Our approach to crisis management is never purely legal. In each case, our response team’s approach is comprehensive and targeted as the particular crisis requires.

We are our client’s bullet‐proof vest. That’s how we were trained – that’s how we represent our clients. Our attorneys’ mastery of many extraordinarily complex situations, and their sensitivity to the strategic interrelationships among various parallel investigations and ongoing related civil litigation, has helped many of our clients emerge safely from potentially harmful situations.

In addition to our roles as legal advocates, our attorneys are highly skilled in managing the media and public relations issues that so often impact public perception in high‐profile cases.